Trees: Ryan
Trees are big and small,
Trees leaves turn colors in the fall.

There are many types of trees,
All have branches and leaves.

Trees are tall and high,
Just like the clouds in the sky.

Trees have bark,
You can find them in a park.

The Untouchable Tree: Lindsey
On my trampoline I can touch the sky,
On my trampoline I can fly.
But on my trampoline can I touch that tree?
No… at least not me.

Sure maybe my father or mother,
Maybe even my oldest brother
Can touch that tree.
But no, not me.

Maybe someday,
When I am old and gray,
I'll have lost all hope,
I'll never reach it … nope!

Trees in fall: Becca
I love the trees in the fall.
I just love to see them all.

All the birds like them too,
Just like me and just like you.

Soon all the leaves are going to fall,
I don't think I'll smile at all.

All the birds will fly away,
And that will be a sad, sad day.

The Halloween Tree: Sophia
There is a Halloween tree in the park.
Children peek at it in the dark.
Sometimes it's a ghost,
Sometimes it's a ghoul,
We like to look at it after school.
We go to the park to look at the tree,
We like to scare ourselves you see.
We all think it's a scream,
Especially on Halloween.

A Tree: Joey
A tree is something very good,
A tree is in every neighborhood.

A tree is big, a tree is tall,
In winter a tree's leaves fall.

A tree starts out small,
Then grows very tall.

A tree has bark,
It lives in the park.

Sweet Trees: Emmett
I saw a tree so sweet.
It was a treat.

I tried to climb the trunk,
But, I flunked.

Then I saw another tree.
And I climbed that tree.

I got on a branch and sang, "Wee, wee."
And then, I jumped!

I hurt my knee,
From a tree.

A Tree: Rachel
A tree is big,
Not a twig.

A tree is high,
So is a fly.

A tree is tall,
Even when it's fall.

A tree stands quietly,
Leaves change silently.

A tree is bright,
So is a kite.

A tree is heavy,
So is a Chevy!

Trees: Kaylin
Trees, trees they're everywhere,
In winter their branches are bare.

In the spring trees branches have flowers,
They're white and pink covering the bowers.

In the summer the trees are shady and cool,
But if you're hot, go jump in a pool.

In the fall the leaves turn different colors,
We rake them up and everyone screams and hollers.

The Old Willow: Hannah G.
The old willow tree weeps.
Birds and squirrels in her branches keeps.

It gives shade on a hot summer day.
It seems to show us the way.

The willow welcomes me to sit,
So I will, for a little bit.

Sitting underneath a willow,
Makes me want to get my pillow.

A Tree: Stephanie
A tree is big,
So is a twig.

A tree is cool,
So is a ghoul.

A tree has ghosts,
So does a post.

A tree has a trunk,
So does a bunk.

My Tall Tree: Aurelia
My tree is very tall and straight,
I will not climb it when it's late.

I climb and climb up to the top,
I see the mountains when I stop.

They are so high; I'd like to fly,
Just like a kite in the sky.

Sometimes I see a nest or two,
Sometimes I even jump to you.

The Tree: Matthew
The tree I planted with a spade,
Which now in summer gives me shade.

It is too tall,
It will never fall.

The leaves are so green,
The bark is pretty clean.

And then in winter when it dies,
It seems like that tree just sighs.

A Tree It May Be: Sami
There is a tree,
Standing alone in the park,
Where everyone can see
Until it gets dark.

It has neither friend nor enemy,
It is just wood; you can see.

It loves the rain,
The crowd goes insane.

Some take showers,
Others grow flowers.

A Tree and a Truck: Chantelle
A tree has a trunk,
My truck goes clunk.

A tree has bark,
But I have a mark.

A tree needs rain,
A truck has panes.

A tree needs soil,
But I need oil.

A tree has roots,
But I make a toot.

The Tree: Isaac
Our tree I see all day.
Which lives with lots of things in a way.

In the spring he lives with rain,
But he'd rather have a candy cane.

Instead of going to jail,
He'll have to stand a lot of hail.

He hates it when the children play,
They just take him to the bay.

In a storm he always bends,
Now it has to be the end.

A Tree: Rebecca
Some trees are tall,
Some trees are small.

Some trees are skinny,
Some trees are mini.

Some trees have fruit,
Some trees are cute.

They go to bed,
But not if they're dead.

In fall they turn red,
Then winter's ahead.

Ted's Tree: Trina
There's a tree in Ted's backyard,
He used to like to climb.

Now he doesn't want to,
I guess he changed his mind.

He thinks about his broken arm,
While gazing at the tree.

So he runs back to his house,
To get a cup of tea.

Then he comes back outside,
To gaze upon the tree;

Wishing he had never spotted
That huge, gigantic tree.

My Tree: Jessie
My winter tree stand bare
Like a skeleton that shivers and stares.

My spring tree is green and full of fun.
It shades me from the warm sun.

My fall tree is a beautiful tree,
All the painted colors are lovely you see.

Trees: Keili
A Tree! A Tree!
What is a tree?

Haven't you heard?
There are many kinds of trees.

And trees have bees.
Trees have leaves.

The leaves blow with the breeze.
But trees don't grow peas.

Trees: Cooper
Trees, trees, trees - are so neat.
Sometimes they spit out stuff that's gooey and sweet.

Trees have branches that are brown,
And sometimes they get bent - way down.

They skin your knees
And get caught in the breeze.

Trees, trees are so good.
I would look at them all day - if I could.

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