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Classical School Directory

Jaclyn Kottman

Choral Program Teacher


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Welcome to another excellent year of music! This will be my sixth year teaching the Classical School Choirs. I love working with Middle Schoolers because of their vitality and curiosity. 7th and 8th graders are at such an exciting time in their development as musicians and people and make truly awesome music!

My guiding philosophy as a choral music educator is that everyone is a singer – most of us just need encouragement, permission, and practice to fully embrace our innate skills! When we sing together, we deepen our connection with ourselves and each other and expand our understanding of shared human history and experience. Through the repertoire we perform (daily in class and through shared performances with our community) and the significant historical periods and concepts we study, I hope for Classical singers to become thoughtful musicians who understand the context and value of the music we make in both their education and their lives.

In addition to working with the Classical Choirs, I am the Choir teacher at Einstein Middle School, the Teacher-Conductor of the Arioso Choir (Middle School changing voices) with the Lawrence Academy of Music’s Girl Choir program. I have taught and made music at a variety of schools in Appleton and also love traveling to make music in other places – I spent two summers teaching with a Music Theatre nonprofit in Costa Rica, and also did a portion of my student teaching in Auckland, New Zealand. A highlight of my professional involvement is serving as the Director of Operations for the Mile of Music Music Education Team. In my non-teaching time I enjoy being outdoors, yoga, traveling, and pretending my kitchen is an episode of “Chopped” – combining all sorts of random ingredients into whatever yummy vegetarian creations I can come up with!

I was raised in Atlanta, GA and moved to Appleton in 2008 to attend Lawrence University. After graduating with a Bachelors of Music degree in Choral and General Music Education and a minor in Religious Studies, I fell in love with this community and feel grateful to be able to put down roots here. Appleton is truly a unique place in the way people treat each other and in our support for the arts. Through their comprehensive musical education, I hope my students can grow to value the arts as an important part of their lives and communities, too.