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Classical School Directory

Joanne Bielmeier

Enrollment Support Specialist and CCSA Board Member
920.997.1399 ext. 3398

I am pleased to have the opportunity to support our school community by serving as the school’s Enrollment Specialist and as a member of the Classical Charter School Association (CCSA) Board. My husband Peter and I are delighted with the education our children are pursuing at Classical School.

As soon as our oldest child started preschool, we started researching Kindergarten options. We learned of Classical School through the district’s website and began to read everything we could find about the Core Knowledge curriculum and the educational philosophy behind it. After a school visit and learning more about instruction at Classical, we confirmed this was the educational experience we wanted for our children. We moved to Appleton from Ripon as soon as possible after our oldest son started Kindergarten at Classical.

I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration degree from UW Oshkosh. Prior to starting a family, I worked for Kimberly-Clark in finance and operations for five years. I am a co-leader of our daughter’s Girl Scout troop, and I enjoy various other volunteer work. As both a staff member and a CCSA Board member, I look forward to upholding the noble beliefs Classical School was founded upon while we work together to ensure excellence in the educational foundation of our students.