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Melissa Grover

Music and 4th - 6th Grade Orchestra Teacher


Check out the Classical School music website with resources for elementary music classes, choruses, and orchestras.

See your student’s grade level pacing document below for a snapshot of expected curriculum by month:

Music Kindergarten Pacing–Grover 2018-19

Music 1st Grade Pacing–Grover 2018-19

Music 2nd Grade Pacing–Grover 2018-19

Music 3rd Grade Pacing–Grover 2018-19

Music 4th Grade Pacing–Grover 2018-19

Music 5th Grade Pacing–Grover 2018-19

Music 6th Grade Pacing–Grover 2018-19



Welcome or welcome back for another awesome year of music-making! This will be my seventh year teaching at the Classical Charter School. I am grateful and enthusiastic to work as a music teacher with dear friends and colleagues in my department and throughout our school. I currently teach K-6th grade general music and 4th-5th grade orchestra. In the past, I also taught middle school choir and orchestra, as well as private violin, voice, and piano lessons.

I was born and raised by my parents, both educators and excellent role models, in Green Bay, WI. My mother teaches early childhood and music. My dad, who retired in 2015, taught high school geometry. Teaching has always been my dream job. I originally wanted to teach visual art, but in middle and high school, my love for music became more prominent. I am a graduate of Green Bay East High School and the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. I hold degrees in Choral and General Music Education, as well as a minor in Spanish, and I am currently working on my MA in Educational Science through the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh.

I am married to Eli Grover, a former Classical School band teacher and current Exploratory and General Music Teacher at Madison Middle School and McKinley Elementary. We love to cook, play tennis and disc golf, and go to the dog park with our beagle, Bella(trix), and coonhound, Charlie!

I am proud to teach in the Appleton Area School District where we strive to relate to our students, families, and communities, and work to nurture every child, every day. I value the strong curriculum that we have at Classical School. The Core Knowledge curriculum is sequential and comprehensive like the Suzuki music method, for which I am also an advocate. I have extensive Suzuki violin and voice teacher training, as well as experience in other methods such as Orff, Kodaly, and takadimi. I enjoy discovering new ways to teach the timeless curriculum at Classical School, and the students add to the excitement with their readiness to learn!

In addition to teaching music and orchestra classes, each year at Classical School I prepare elementary choirs for the Singing in Wisconsin festival in the fall and Opera for the Young performance in the spring. I encourage students to continue enjoying and developing in music in their daily lives and hold Gr. K-6 “Red Carpet” piano performances by students for their class the first week of May, and Gr. 2-6 performances for the community at our annual Fine Arts Night the first Thursday of May.

I hope to inspire students by sharing my passion for singing, playing instruments, dancing/moving and listening to music. Thank you for supporting music at Classical School—I look forward to an artistic and encouraging school year!