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Rachel Cote

English, Literature and Composition, and 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher
My Current Newsletter

Hello everyone! I am so excited for another year at Classical School!

I started attending Classical School as a third grader when the school first opened. I graduated in 2005 and went to Appleton North High School, graduating in 2009. During my senior year I participated in a Co-op program and was blessed to work as a student teacher with Senora Lariviere, teaching second and fifth grade Spanish.

I attended Wisconsin Lutheran College where I majored in Elementary Education and Spanish and graduated in 2013 with suma cum laude honors. I also received certification to teach Spanish in a K-8 capacity. My first two years of teaching were spent on the south side of Milwaukee in a choice school called St. Martini with a population of 85% Hispanic students. There, I was able to continue my partnership with the Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) and Schools That Can Milwaukee (STCM) through various professional development opportunities and collaborations. In the summer of 2015, I worked more closely with CfUT as a co-principal of one of their summer school sites. I have been very blessed by my background working in the inner city, but am extremely grateful to be back in Appleton and at my alma mater! This will be my sixth year teaching at Classical.

In May of 2019, I completed graduate school and earned my masters in Education with an emphasis on Instructional Strategies through Augustana University.

On a very different note, this December will mark my seventh anniversary with my husband, Rob, whom I married in Classical’s very own auditorium! Our daughter, Evelina, will be 4 in September, our son, Miles, turned two in April, and we will have a new baby come November!

Aside from teaching, I absolutely love traveling and have been to 19 countries, most frequently to Algeria where I worked with the Saharawi Refugees living in camps there. Other favorites include Spain, Ireland, and Israel. Last summer I was able to return to Seville, Spain, where I had once studied abroad and was able to bring Mr. Cote, who immediately fell in love with the people, culture, and language (and food)!

I’m so grateful to be part of such a great team and look forward to continuing my journey at Classical!