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Application Procedure

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Lottery System

Applicants are selected based on a lottery system. The application period begins December 1st of each year for the following school year and ends the 3rd Friday in February. The lottery is held by the end of February. Parents are notified in March of their child’s enrollment or waiting list status for the following school year. Applications received after the third Friday in February are not included in the lottery and are processed in the order in which they are received.

Applications are found in the Resource section of this page during the application period, or you may apply using the online application if you are applying between December 1st and the third Friday in February. If you desire an application for the current school year and those applications are no longer located in the Resource section of this page, please visit the school office or contact Joanne Bielmeier at (920) 997-1399 ext. 3398 or DO NOT use the online application to apply for the current school year; your application will not be processed for the current school year.

Informational Meetings

All prospective Classical School families are encouraged to attend either of the informational meetings held in December or January each year. Time for questions will be available after the presentation portion of each meeting. Please check the school calendar for dates and times.

Requirements and Priority

The primary requirement for admission to the school is the timely submission of an application by the stated deadline. Special education students who apply by the deadline will be included in the lottery; however, a meeting between the school, parents, and AASD representatives is required to verify if the necessary services are available at Classical School for those students that are offered an enrollment spot at the school. Twins (or multiples) at the same grade level will be assigned concurrent priority in the lottery drawing, unless requested in writing prior to the lottery application deadline by the parent/guardian for their twins (or multiples) to be considered separately. If you are applying for kindergarten at Classical School, your child must be at least 5 years old by Sept. 1st of his/her kindergarten year; no early admission is allowed. After submitting your application(s), please call or email Joanne Bielmeier at (920) 997-1399 ext. 3398 or to confirm receipt of your application.

The only lottery priorities allowed by Wisconsin state law are (Priority #1) applicants with siblings who are students of Classical School at the time of the lottery (Priority #2) children of Classical School staff members who are employed full-time at Classical School at the time of the lottery, children of school founders, and children of Classical Charter School Association Board members who are serving on the board at the time of the lottery. Full-time employment status is determined by Appleton Area School District policy. Students enrolled under priority #2 are limited to 10% of the school’s total enrollment.


The Appleton Area School District does not discriminate against students on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or physical, cognitive, emotional or learning disability in its education programs or activities.

High School

AASD students who graduate from eighth grade at Classical School may attend their neighborhood school or may choose among Appleton High Schools East, West, or North (unless a school which is not the student’s AASD neighborhood school is closed to open enrollment). Students must declare which high school they will attend by January 1 during the eighth-grade year.

Outside of the AASD

If you live outside of the AASD, you still need to apply to the Classical School during our application timeline. However, you will also need to apply for open enrollment in order to be eligible to attend an AASD school. Information about out of district guidelines is located on the AASD website. If you live outside of the AASD, have applied to attend Classical School, and missed the Open Enrollment window, you may not apply to Classical School (or any other AASD school), except under very specific circumstances, until the following year (following the guidelines and procedures of open enrollment). Please contact the AASD Attendance and Enrollment Office for more information on open enrollment.

Waiting List

The waiting list does not roll over from year to year. One must reapply each year until one is accepted. Students who are enrolled in Classical School do not need to reapply each year. We will continue to fill openings that occur from the waiting list during the school year through the end of the first semester for kindergarten and through April 30th for students in grades 1 – 8, unless open spots are filled using the lottery for the following year. (Please note: New students are required to be physically present in class by the first day of the second semester for kindergarten and by April 30th for grades 1 – 8).

If your student is on the waiting list, you are encouraged to visit the school during the current school year and read all available materials so that you may make an informed decision quickly if or when your child’s name is called from the waiting list. Enrollment offers not accepted by the deadline set forth in the offer shall be deemed to be declined.