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Archives: August 2014


Posted on by Classical School

Einstein Middle School, the school to our south on Durkee Street, is currently under construction (it is slated for a December completion). The construction has eliminated much of their staff parking space. In order to allow adequate Einstein staff parking and to ensure a safe and orderly drop-off and pick-up at Classical, please do not use the Einstein staff parking lot before or after school. Part of the Einstein Park parking lot will also be used by construction vehicles, reducing parking around Classical even further. This construction will unfortunately add to the traffic congestion around the three-school campus; it is…

2014-15 Staffing Changes

Posted on by Classical School

Dear Classical Families, As the summer winds down, we are busy at school getting ready for your return. We are looking forward to having the halls at Classical alive with the energy of children again. I’m writing to update you on some recent changes and give you a few reminders. Yearly faculty and staff changes are common at most schools. Classical has generally been an exception to that rule—but with a combination of a few teachers moving to the high school level, one retirement, and two teachers moving to different grade levels, we currently have eight new teachers and support…