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Archives: March 2015

Current Status of School of Rhetoric (SOR) Proposal

Posted on by Classical School

Three Classical representatives of the SOR Expansion Committee – Nancy Fischer, Anne Tretinyak and Kristin Killian – attended a March 12th meeting with the Appleton Area School District (AASD) Programs and Services Committee to present the SOR proposal as an Item of Information. The next step is bringing the proposal forward as an Item of Consideration subject to a YES or NO Vote by the Programs and Services Committee. If approved, the proposal would then go to the full Board of Education for a final vote. To educate the AASD Committee members in attendance, Nancy, Anne, and Kristin presented a…

Please attend the School of Rhetoric Expansion Meeting on Monday

Posted on by Classical School

The School of Rhetoric (SOR) Expansion Committee invites the Classical School community and all other interested members of the public to a meeting Monday, March 16, 2015, from 6:30 – 8 pm, in Room 124 at Classical School. The recent meeting with the Appleton Area School District (AASD) Programs and Services Committee will be reviewed. Next steps in the process of extending the current Classical School charter to include a local SOR (Gr 9 – Gr 12) will also be discussed.  

School of Rhetoric Update

Posted on by Classical School

The proposal for opening doors to a local School of Rhetoric (SOR) will be discussed in detail on March 12th, the next scheduled meeting of the Appleton Area School District’s (AASD) Program and Services Committee.  Due to unforeseen changes in meeting schedules, earlier discussion of the proposed SOR with all members of AASD Program and Services Committee has not been possible. Earlier this month, however, two members of the Program and Services Committee did reach out and make recommendations for what questions they would like answered and thoughts they want clarified in the SOR proposal that will be presented to…