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Archives: September 2015

Notes from the CCSA Board

Posted on by Classical School

The CCSA Board is looking forward to our strategic planning retreat on October 3rd. The Board will continue our discussion about how best to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our academic program as well as measure student academic growth over time. Classical School has used the MAP assessment tool for the past 10 years. Many assessment tools have come and gone including the very brief appearance of a Badger! MAP remains the best tool available to give us much needed information about our program and student growth. Therefore, the Board voted to use MAP to assess students in the…

Notes from the Dean – Student Safety

Posted on by Classical School

Dear Classical School Families, September is a busy month at Classical School! During these first few weeks, our teachers and staff work hard to help students readjust to the routines of the school year. As student health and safety is a primary concern and goal at Classical, we take time to teach and review school behavior and safety rules and then practice, practice, practice until these rules become routine. Learning safe and appropriate school behavior is an important aspect of a student’s growth. Classical School creates a safe environment by setting consistent behavioral expectations with school rules for the classroom,…