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Notes from the Dean – Student Safety

Posted on by Classical School

Dear Classical School Families,

September is a busy month at Classical School! During these first few weeks, our teachers and staff work hard to help students readjust to the routines of the school year. As student health and safety is a primary concern and goal at Classical, we take time to teach and review school behavior and safety rules and then practice, practice, practice until these rules become routine.

Learning safe and appropriate school behavior is an important aspect of a student’s growth. Classical School creates a safe environment by setting consistent behavioral expectations with school rules for the classroom, hallway, lunchroom, playground, etc. The school-wide card flip/behavioral system (p. 23, Family Handbook) provides consequences for students who break a school rule. We use this system to provide consistent practice with a minimum of classroom disruption or shame for our students. We also practice school safety during the month of September, and throughout the year, performing school-wide fire, tornado, and emergency procedures drills.

Please reinforce respectful and safe school behavior with each of your children. Discuss how to play appropriately with friends on the playground and be respectful of other’s feelings and learning throughout the school day. I request that you read and discuss the Classical School Core Virtues (p. 9, Family Handbook), the school behavioral expectations, safety protocols, and the AASD Bullying and Harassment Policy as a family (p. 22 – 29, Family Handbook). Classical School is a community for study and work for adults and students alike and it is up to each of us to be mindful of that. A safe, secure learning environment is key to student success.

Another important way you can reinforce safe school behavior is to adhere to the student drop-off and pick-up rules and procedures. Classical School has almost 500 students who all need to be dropped off/picked up within a short period of time. Please read the rules below to make sure the system is as efficient and safe as possible.

Remember, the paved Durkee and Capitol terraces were designed for quick drop-off and pick-up only. Please see the traffic map for a visual representation of the drop-off and pick-up procedure. This map was also provided with your registration materials.


– When using the Durkee or Capitol terraces, try to pull up as far as possible and continue to move up as vehicles exit to keep student pick-up flowing.
– DO NOT park at the terrace and leave your vehicle; park in the Einstein Park parking lot. (Parking there during the school day 8:15 a.m.– 2:15 p.m. is fine)
– Do not use the Ferber Elementary parking lot. The new Einstein Middle School parking lot is available for Classical parents to use, however, especially the line of spaces nearest to the Einstein Park parking lot.
– All students K-8 must be accompanied by an adult when crossing a parking lot.

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