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Notes from the CCSA Board

Posted on by Classical School

The CCSA Board engaged in a short-term strategic planning session on October 3, 2015. The strategic planning session provided a wonderful opportunity for new and experienced Board members to get to know each other and discuss a broad range of important topics. The plan that emerged from that session can be found on the Classical School website using the following link. Please take time to look over the plan and contact any member of the Board with questions or concerns. Board member contact information is located in the directory on the school website.

The Board determined that the committee structure previously in place continues to be the best way to share the workload of the Board among members, engage stakeholders in a meaningful way, and set priorities for the coming year. The Board Committees are as follows: 1) Governance Committee; 2) Educational Program Committee; and 3) External Affairs Committee. The CCSA Board is committed to a high level of connectivity with parents and further improving our communication on important topics like standardized testing, changes to existing curriculum, and expansion. To accomplish this goal, Committees will take turns providing updates in Notes from the Board. The open meeting law requires CCSA Board meetings and Board Committee meetings to be open to the public. Parents are most welcome to attend. We will post Board and Committee meeting dates in NFTB and outside the school office on the bulletin board. You can also keep up to date by reading the CCSA Board meeting minutes on the school website under About/Leadership, click on Classical Charter School Association Board.

We would like to formally extend an invitation to all interested parents to serve on the External Affairs Committee. This Committee will be responsible primarily for public relations, fundraising and outreach to the Appleton community. Participation on this Committee will be a wonderful way to support Classical School by sharing your time and talent and to gain a better understanding of the business of the Board. The Governance Committee will be responsible for the recruitment and on boarding of new CCSA Board members. Please contact the Governance Committee Chair if you are interested in service on the Board.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read the Strategic Plan and for your consideration of service to Classical School. We look forward to working with staff and parents to achieve the mission of a just and excellent education here at Classical School.

Anne Tretinyak, CCSA Board President Co-chair of the Educational Program Committee, member of the Governance Committee

Melissa DeVantier, CCSA Board Vice President Chair of the Governance Committee, Co-Chair of the External Affairs Committee

Joanne Bielmeier, CCSA Board Secretary Co-Chair of Educational Program Committee, member of the External Affairs Committee

Kiran Chawla, CCSA Board Treasurer member of Educational Program Committee, member of Governance Committee

Sarah Roe, CCSA Board member Co-chair of External Affairs Committee, member of Educational Program Committee

Tim Broeckert, CCSA Board member member of Educational Program Committee, member of Governance Committee

Next Full Board Meeting: November 12th, Classical School, room 122

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