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Notes from the Dean

Posted on by Classical School

Dear Classical Families,

Regular school attendance is essential to school success. Frequent absences from school are the greatest single cause of poor achievement and discouragement in school. Daily educational opportunities lost through absences can never fully be made up, and students cannot expect to achieve to their full potential if they miss class sessions.

Repeated tardies are also detrimental to a child’s education. Habitually tardy students miss important information and learning. Walking into a class that has already begun is also embarrassing for the student and disrupts the learning of others. You can teach your child responsibility, organization, and protect his/her self-esteem by being on time for school!

It is the legal, as well as, the moral responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure regular school attendance. This pattern is established early in the child’s life by the attitude and support toward the school shown by the parents/guardians. School and community resources must also be available to give support to the parents/guardians as needed to ensure regular school attendance. We are here to help. Please contact us if there is a situation that is causing your child to be absent or tardy. We want to work with you to help resolve the issue. You can track your student’s attendance record through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Please take a moment to review this important aspect of your student’s education.

You can find the AASD Attendance Policy on the Appleton School District website:

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