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Welcome Dr. Mitchell to Classical School!

Posted on by Classical School

Dear Classical School staff and families,

The Classical Charter School Association Board is pleased to announce that Dr. Bernard Mitchell has graciously and enthusiastically accepted the position of Principal at Classical School. Dr. Mitchell has a wealth of experience as a school leader and the Board is confident that he is the right person to lead us all towards greater fulfillment of our mission to provide excellence and justice in education for school children through a common foundation.

Dr. Mitchell was a teacher, middle school principal, high school principal, district administrator, and superintendent in the States of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Texas and the Countries of Turkey, Pakistan, Kuwait, and Cameroon. His administrative experience far exceeded our expectations of a successful candidate. He is an intellectually curious person who is passionate about education and committed to being a strong instructional leader at Classical School. His international experience also makes him uniquely suited to value, sustain, and grow respect for the many and varied ethnicities present in our school community. Finally, Dr. Mitchell wants to be OUR school leader. He has chosen to make Classical School his professional home and is excited to meet staff, parents, and students!  Please make an effort to introduce your family and welcome Dr. Mitchell on board.

The Board would be remiss if we didn’t thank the staff members and parents who served alongside of Board members on the interview panel. The following individuals put in countless hours preparing for and conducting interviews with an outstanding group of applicants:  Kathy Diedrich, Joanne Bielmeier, Sara Schroeder, Rachel Cote, Sue Larson, Linda Kemps, Peter Chen, Kristin Killian, Laura Hinkens, Jennifer Eastman, Elizabeth Pellinger, and Eli Grover. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Assistant Superintendent Ben Vogel who provided much needed guidance to the Board.  His thoughtful participation throughout this process was greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

The Classical Charter School Association Board

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