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Sign-up for Volunteer Opportunites at Classical School

Posted on by Classical School

We are ready to launch our new Classical School online volunteer signup system!  We are excited to be using (the new Volunteer Spot) to execute this once very time consuming paper/pencil process.

Please use the link below to view the online Classical School Volunteer Survey.  By indicating interest in a variety of areas, we will be better able to place people in volunteer opportunities that fit their schedule, talents and availability.  Indicating interest does not commit you to these activities.  Instead, it offers staff and volunteer coordinators a list of people to contact in recruiting volunteers for those interest areas.  If you receive a call or email for an area for which you indicated interest, you will be given the opportunity to commit to that activity.

Another great feature…we can track volunteer support by family.  This way, we can tap volunteers that that may not have had the opportunity to serve and avoid overtaxing the same people who have already contributed so much to our program!  We ask that you complete this survey by Friday, Sept. 16th at which time it will be locked and lists will be provided to coordinators of each interest area.

Thank you for taking time to thoughtfully reflect on how you can support the children at Classical School this year!

Please copy this link into a web browser to access the volunteer survey:

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