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Notes from the CCSA Board

Posted on by Classical School

Over the past 18 years, the Classical School Board has been an active and engaged Board of strong advocates for classical education and our school. There have been many changes in the materials we use to teach our curriculum, new subjects added, and numerous best practices implemented and developed in our classrooms. All Board decisions were made to promote the greatest possible student growth and lay a firm educational foundation for future learning.

Classical School’s mission is to provide excellence and justice in education for school children through a common foundation. We teach students a contextual body of organized knowledge, the skills of learning within a classical framework, and the values of a democratic society.

The mission continues to be at the heart of the Board’s strategic planning. Organizations have mission statements to explain why the organization exists. The mission is different from an organization’s strategic goals and vision. Strategic goals move an organization from mission to vision. What does Classical School hope to achieve? Our vision is that Classical School graduates will be critical thinkers, coherent writers, confident speakers, thoughtful leaders, and virtuous citizens. It is our sincere hope that the revised strategic plan and new format will more fully engage staff and parents in the important strategic work of the Board.

Engagement and connectivity were a top priority last fall when the Board reformed Committees and worked closely with the Administration Team and staff members to identify strengths and weaknesses in our present program and improve the process of implementing changes. Our revised plan more clearly identifies the Board’s goals for the coming year and committee structure will hopefully further improve engagement and connectivity. Please take a look at the strategic plan on the school website.

Parent volunteers are welcome to join our Marketing/ Alumni Relations and Fundraising/ Grant Writing Committees. Parents are also most welcome to attend our Board meetings. Please see the meeting dates listed below. Also, thank you for indicating your willingness to volunteer in the many and varied ways listed on the parent survey. The Board is grateful to oversee an educational program with so many dedicated and generous parent volunteers.

Next Full Board Meeting: November 10th, Classical School, Rm. 124

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