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Principal Address

Posted on by Classical School

Dear Classical Families and Friends,

Since its establishment in 1999, Classical School has been a remarkable K-8 academic institution and has become near and dear to so many students, families, staff, and alumni. Our current Classical families appreciate how much their children are learning and the care by which each staff member balances the values of responsibility and compassion while delivering a rigorous and content rich curriculum. Our staff members frequently share with one another the many facets of what they love about our students, our curriculum and philosophy, and our culture of structure and high expectations. It is so gratifying to hear from our alumni and their families who have repeatedly shared that the education received at Classical School has opened up unexpected opportunities and formed the basis of their wide-ranging knowledge and lifelong pursuits. Already we are beginning to see the second generation of Classical students enter our doors, and with their arrival. I fondly wax nostalgic and ask… How did a school grow from an idea to an extraordinary academic institution with a lengthy annual waiting list of hopeful applicants?

The answer is as simple and complex as teamwork. In my life, I have rarely had an idea that is not enhanced
and made better by asking others what they think about it. After sharing an idea with others, and doggedly
reshaping the idea with them, the idea is no longer mine but ours. A shared idea is much more powerful
because it appeals to multiple viewpoints. Listening and working together can be slow and exhausting work
with its stops and starts, false leads and dead ends, yet the greater goal of high student achievement drives us
all forward and makes the results even more satisfying and long lasting.

The spirit of cooperation runs deep throughout our school’s history and that spirit continues to propel our
CCSA board, staff, parents, and students to greater heights than could be achieved in isolation. “Teamwork is
the ability to work together toward a common vision …It is the fuel that allows common people to attain
uncommon results,” championed Andrew Carnegie, one of the influential pioneers of the Industrial Revolution
who is studied by our 6th graders. Carnegie believed in teamwork and although our school began with a solitary
parent approaching a receptive school district superintendent, the idea of a public charter school based upon
classical education would have certainly languished without the steadfast determination and contributions of all
the individuals who were willing to work as a team.

Every person who loves Classical School has truly benefited from the commitment and example of our
Classical School predecessors to accept the challenges and occasional frustrations involved in working
together toward a common vision. As I think of our future, I want to express my unwavering gratitude to the
students, staff, CCSA Board, and the AASD Leadership Team and Board who work as a united team to
continue to make Classical School a remarkable K-8 academic institution.

I am honored to be working with each of you and look forward to the many things we will accomplish together
this school year.

Mr. Thomas L. Bomann
Interim Principal

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