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Notes from the CCSA Board

Posted on by Classical School
Board Meeting Image

As alluded to in the October edition of the Classical Columns, the Board Committee structure was slightly tweaked and the presentation of strategic goals has a new look! We would encourage you to take a look if you haven’t already: 2016-17 Classical School Strategic Plan. Please see our new Board structure and Educational Program Committee structure. The Educational Program Committees are not new. However, these Committees will now be led by staff persons who have volunteered to serve as Committee Chairs.

Board members will serve alongside of these chairpersons and staff members on the Committee. The Committees will be charged with identifying strengths and weaknesses in our educational program and making recommendations to the Board for changes, additions, and/or deletions in the present curriculum or instructional materials. The Board is excited to continue working closely with the staff to provide a top-notch education for our Classical students. In future editions of the Classical Columns, the Board will provide updates on the important work of these Committees, now well underway! We would also encourage parents to stay up to date by reading Board meeting minutes that can be found on the website.

As we reach the end of this calendar year, we are so grateful that the school continues to run smoothly and stay focused on educating our children, in spite of many changes early in the school year. We especially thank Mr. Bomann, our administrative team, and our dedicated teachers and staff for all they do for our students. We wish all of our Classical families a safe, healthy and joyous holiday season and break!

Please join us for the upcoming CCSA Board meeting on January 12th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, in Room 124, at Classical School.


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