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Notes from the CCSA Board

Posted on by Classical School

Update from the World Language Educational Program Committee (EPC):

The World Language EPC, chaired by Mrs. Stacey Foley, is charged with identifying strengths and weaknesses in Classical School’s language program and making recommendations to the CCSA Board for changes, additions, and/or deletions in the present curriculum or instructional materials. At Classical, world languages include our Spanish program and Latin/Greek.


Señora Anna Cihlar is spearheading efforts to evaluate the goals of Classical School’s Spanish program. The Spanish teachers are currently working together to document curriculum as it relates to the skills of language learning. The World Language EPC will work with the Spanish teachers to bring any proposals arising from their work to the CCSA Board.


In March 2016, the CCSA Board approved the introduction of a Latin vocabulary program in kindergarten through second grade for the 2016-17 school year utilizing materials prepared specifically for Classical School by Memoria Press. Under the proposal, third graders are also receiving exposure to the second grade Latin materials this school year. To continue the rollout of Latin instruction at Classical School, at their January 2017 meeting the CCSA Board approved a proposal from the World Language EPC for third grade to utilize Memoria Press materials, “Introduction to Grammar School Latin” in 2017-18. This program begins to incorporate Latin vocabulary with grammar instruction. Fourth grade students will continue to study Greek & Latin roots in 2017-18, while incorporating the Latin vocabulary covered in third grade. The World Language EPC will support the 2017-18 rollout of Latin in third grade as well as help determine a possible future instructional path for fourth grade and beyond.

Please contact Mrs. Stacey Foley ( or Joanne Bielmeier ( with any questions or if you would like to review curricular materials.

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