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Notes from the Board

Posted on by Classical School
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Update from the Math & Science Educational Program Committee (EPC)

The Math & Science EPC is chaired by Chris VanRyzin with Board member representation by Peter Chen, Research & Development manager at Bemis. This EPC is responsible for identifying strengths and weaknesses of the math and science programs at Classical School and recommending any changes of the curriculum or instruction materials to the CCSA board.


One clearly identified need that was brought forward by the EPC was the lack of a science textbook for 7th and 8th grade science. In the fall of 2016, members of the EPC contacted other classical and Core Knowledge schools around the country to gain a better understanding of the texts used in science at the middle school level. After a thorough search and analysis, the EPC recommended to the board the Integrated iScience Course 3 2017 edition for 7th and 8th grade students. The purchase was approved by the Board and textbooks were ordered in January! The book fits well with the current 7th and 8th grade curriculum so there is good alignment with the current concepts taught. We are very excited about this textbook as it will give our students a solid text that students can work off of, grade level appropriate language for concept explanation, and access to an online book companion for additional resources (i.e. interactive charts, STEM activities, and experiments) to further solidify understanding.


Teachers are conducting a review of the summer math packets to ensure the scope and sequence of the packets meet the needs of students and that harder concepts taught that year are reinforced in the math packet. A note to parents that packets are not meant to be completed in early summer, but should be started later in the summer, so that the review helps them remember concepts they will need when school starts up again. These packets are not a comprehensive review but do touch on many important concepts.

The next open CCSA Board meeting will be held on April 13th, 6:30-8:30 in Rm. 124

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