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Notes from the Board

Posted on by Classical School
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Educational Program Committee Update: Writing

The writing committee has been working diligently since September to improve the writing curriculum at Classical School. This is a large task, which may or may not include deciding upon a new curriculum. It was decided in September that before the committee could begin to evaluate the program, we needed to know what exactly is being taught about writing at each grade level.

The committee decided to focus on two areas. The first area of focus was “expectations,” which we defined as the concepts teachers expect the students to know when they begin the grade. The second area of focus was “emphasis,” which we defined as the concepts we teach during the year at each grade level.

As a committee, we have already worked through grades Kindergarten through the middle of sixth grade. In the upcoming months, we will be finishing the expectations and emphasis through eighth grade. Once that is completed, we will be looking for overlapping concepts, growth from grade to grade, and eventually supplementing curriculum if necessary.

Kari Campshure, Writing Committee Chair

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