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Notes from the CCSA Board

Posted on by Classical School
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Results from the 2016-2017 Parent Survey

We would like to thank all of the families that participated in our Parent Survey last spring. We are pleased to have heard from 98 families! We appreciate the thoughtful comments, suggestions, and concerns that have been voiced and give them careful consideration as we try to incorporate them in planning for the future of Classical School.

The most common topic in the responses was the quantity of homework. Classical School does take pride in having a rigorous curriculum but not for its own sake. There is a necessary level complexity and depth in adequately covering the great ideas, significant events, and master works that make up a rich and enduring education. Covering this ground requires commitment and hard work from students as well as support at home. As our programs are revised we carefully assess the pace, scope, and sequence of the material to ensure that it is grade level appropriate. It is our goal to ensure that each child is able to reach their potential. As each class has a varied group of learners, this inevitably leads to similarly varied amounts of work coming home. Our teachers are keenly aware of this and are willing to work with your family if the need arises. In order to help us gain a better understanding on this topic for future guidance, we will be taking a quick poll on this topic at our fall parent-teacher conferences.

There were several responses related to various aspects of our curriculum. Science was chief among these, particularly in the years leading up to high school. Our middle school science curriculum is currently being updated. Last year a new book, which includes online content, was purchased that will help bring some fresh content and more interactivity. We also have plans to make some changes within the classroom, such as gas lines, that will provide our students the ability to participate in lab experiments similar to the other district middle schools. These and all other curriculum changes are developed by Classical’s educational program committees. If you would like to provide further input to our curriculum please feel free to contact a CCSA board member, our Curriculum Support Specialist, Mrs. Foley, or Principal Bomann. We always encourage involvement from the vast experience and knowledge of our committed Classical families. _______________________________________________________________

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