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Notes from the CCSA Board

Posted on by Classical School
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Welcome back to another year at Classical School. The 2017-2018 academic year marks our 19th year in operation! The Core Knowledge curriculum continues to remain as the backbone providing a solid framework to our dedicated teachers, administrators, and volunteers who work diligently to update and refine the educational program currently being delivered to our students. We thank all of our families who support Classical School in any way you can. The enthusiasm of families both new and old ensure the continued success of our school.

Last year the CCSA Board continued in its role as owner of the school’s curriculum and chief advocates for everything required to support it. A familiar face, Tom Bomann, was approved as the school’s new principal after filling in admirably for the majority of last year. The school district agreed to several building improvements that were completed over the summer. The curriculum continued to move forward as well. The most significant updates were in science with a much needed new text book, in reading with the extension of the Reading Mastery program, and in Latin with the approval of new curriculum for the 3rd graders beginning this year. In addition to measuring the success of these changes in the upcoming year, the Board plans to work with staff on continued redevelopment of our school’s writing curriculum, the extension of our Latin program into grades 4-6, as well as potential changes to our Spanish and history programs.

The new year has brought about some staffing changes. Ken Schiedermayer will be our new building engineer filling the tool-belt of Kent Schwietzer who we thank for all he did as our resident jack-of-all-trades during his years of service. Susan Duesterhaus, who filled in for Mr. Bomann last year, will be staying on in 2nd grade permanently.

The CCSA Board has also gone through a few changes. We have added a new member to our board and have had some leadership changes. Raj Dugal joined us in April. Raj has three daughters at Classical School. Anne Tretinyak has stepped down as CCSA Board President. Anne will still remain a valuable member of the CCSA Board and we are extremely grateful for her years of service and dedication as President. We are extremely excited that she will continue to serve on the CCSA Board. Tim Broeckert has graciously accepted the leadership role as President of the CCSA Board. We look forward to the contributions each is sure to bring to their new roles.

We are looking forward to another year of academic excellence and appreciate the opportunity to serve our school community as members of the Classical Charter School Board.

CCSA Board
CCSA Board Meetings 2017-2018
Classical School Board meetings are scheduled on the following Thursdays:

September 7th, October 5th, November 2nd, January 4th, February 8th, and May 3rd

Meetings will be held at Classical School from, 6:30-8:30pm. These are open meetings and we welcome your attendance. If you would like to address the Board at a scheduled meeting, please come early to fill out a request card. You may also contact Tim Broeckert, CCSA Board President, with your comments.

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