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Principal’s Address

Posted on by Classical School

Hello Classical Families and Friends,

Doesn’t it feel as if the students and families were just entering the Classical School doors following a long summer break?  Full of either bravado or trepidation, the students had new clothes, new school supplies, and a certain anticipatory readiness to embark on a new academic adventure.

Students had many questions about the upcoming academic year in September…What will my teacher be like?  How much homework will there be?  Will I have an easier or harder time than last year?  Will I still have the same friends? Who will be my friend? Who is in my class?

Being at the midway point of the year, I want to reach out to any student or family who might need a helping hand with any academic or social situation.   Unaddressed  issues can become or seem even larger and less surmountable when viewed from only one angle.

I have known parents and students who have been reticent to approach me about problematic situations because they either thought something was too large, too unchangeable, or too small for the principal or teacher to address.  Let me assure you that I enjoy working with parents to develop novel solutions to individual educational, social and emotional needs.

Rarely have I found any concern that our combined efforts cannot efficiently and effectively address in a positive and productive way.   I am also pleased to state unequivocally that our staff at Classical School remains dedicated to helping students develop academic and social strategies that support our rich and rigorous curriculum.

Do not hesitate to bring any specific student concern or overall school concern directly to me.  My school phone number is 920-997-1399 ex 3380 and my personal cell phone is 920-585-2782.  Feel free to call me at your convenience.

If a concern is related to an interaction with a particular staff member, please follow the AASD policy of initially communicating directly with that person. Email addresses can be found for all the staff members on our website: . After communicating your concern with that person, you are welcome to include me in the conversation.

During Winter Break, enjoy your family celebrations and I look forward to seeing everyone in 2018!




Mr. Thomas Bomann

Principal, Classical School



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