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Notes from the CCSA Board

Posted on by Classical School
Board Meeting Image

For the CCSA Board the month for May is for evaluation to ensure both our short and long term goals are aligned to our school’s mission. A large part of that process is gathering feedback from everyone invested in Classical
School. To that end you will find a link below to a short online survey. We ask that each family consider spending
a few minutes to provide your feedback. Last year we were successful in hearing from so many of our families who provided valuable insights and ideas and we hope for even more responses this year. While this is our primary means of seeking input, you may also feel free to reach out directly to a board member using our contact
information on Classical’s website, by attending a board meeting, by running into one of us at a school event, or
even child pickup at the end of the day. We always love to talk to other parents about our school.

Classical School Survey:

The CCSA Board congratulates all our students for their recent efforts on both KAT and the MAP and Forward
exams as well as for all the effort they’ve put into academics so far this year. We wish them a strong finish in the
4th quarter and our families a happy (late) spring!

~CCSA Board

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