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Notes from the CCSA Board

Posted on by Classical School
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The Classical Charter School Association (CCSA) board would like to begin our final note of the year by saying, “Thank you!” to our entire Classical School community for another wonderful year of learning. We also wish our graduating 8th graders the very best as they continue their educational pursuits in high school next fall. Below is one final curricular update to share, approved earlier this month, for implementation during the next academic year.

In the fall of 2014, the CCSA Board voted in favor of adding Latin instruction in grades K-8 to the curriculum. The Board hoped that the addition of Latin would support grammar instruction, world language acquisition and comprehension, and the development of strong writing skills. As has been the case with other Board approved changes to curriculum, the staff rose to the challenge of learning a new subject. Our K-3 teachers dutifully prepared lesson plans and worked hard to fit the introduction of Latin into already full lesson plans.

The roll out in grades K-2 went well as the instructional materials and time commitment did not present any major challenges. The World Language Education Program Committee(EPC) closely followed the roll out process. This past year, Latin was introduced in the third grade. The third grade teachers reported the first “problems.” Unfortunately, the students began to struggle with spelling and grammar. The teachers were also having difficulty finding time to teach a new subject. In preparation for the roll out in grades 4-8, the World Language EPC had been looking for a part time Latin teacher to support instruction in the School of Grammar and teach older students. Not surprisingly, Latin teachers are hard to find. For all the reasons stated above, it was the recommendation of the World Language EPC that the CCSA Board reconsider its previous decision to add Latin to the curriculum.

At this point the World Language and Writing EPCs came together to discuss a pivot from the Latin program to the continued implementation of our writing program to achieve the Board’s previously stated goals of supporting grammar instruction and developing strong writing skills. The teachers on both Committees unanimously supported the new approach.

The Board thoughtfully considered all of the information that was presented and voted to remove Latin, continue our Latin and Greek Roots program in grades 4-8, and expand the pilot of the Writing and Rhetoric series, published by Classical Academic Press, from grade 5 to grades 6-8. The program will be fully implemented in sixth grade next year and partially implemented in grades 7-8. Stay tuned for more information about the pilot and its perceived strengths and weaknesses.

Please contact any member of the CCSA Board with questions. Board member contact information may be found on the website:

Please note, the Board’s 2018-2019 Strategic Planning Session will be held on May 30th. We wish everyone an enjoyable summer and look forward to celebrating our 20th year as a school in 2018-19!

~CCSA Board

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