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Mission, Motto and School Symbols

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Building a just and excellent educational foundation

Classical School’s mission is to provide excellence and justice in education for school children through a common foundation. We teach students a contextual body of organized knowledge, the skills of learning within a classical framework, and the values of a democratic society.

We recognize the value of providing access to a broad cross-section of our community, so that students from all backgrounds can benefit from Classical School’s education. The school day is structured around teacher-led instruction during which every educational minute matters. We believe in knowledge-centered education rather than learner-centered education. We acknowledge teachers’ classroom leadership and hold each student responsible for his or her academic effort.

Finis Origine Pendet

Classical School’s Latin motto means, “The End Depends Upon the Beginning.” The motto reminds students that the effort they put into their educations from the beginning—of each day, of each school year, and of their educational career—will reap rewards later in life. Hardworking students become productive citizens.

School Seal

ClassicalSchool_Logo FINALSymbols in the Classical School seal and their meaning:

Laurel wreath: achievement
Doric column: wisdom and fortitude
Open book: a manifestation of knowledge
Pegasus (our school mascot): poetic genius and inspiration
Torch: truth and intelligence
Lyre: contemplation and tempered judgment

Colors in the Classical School seal and their meaning:

Gold: elevation of the mind
White: peace and sincerity
Blue: truth and loyalty

School Mascot and Emblem