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What Distinguishes Classical School?

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1. Our content-rich curriculum

  • Explicitly sequenced Core Knowledge® curriculum
  • Daily world language instruction (Spanish, Greek and Latin roots)

2. Our time-honored educational practices

  • Academic rigor
  • Classical Trivium-based learning stages
    • School of Grammar (grades K-4)
      • Teacher-led instruction
      • Skill-based groupings in reading and math
    • School of Logic (grades 5-8)
      • Socratic method of instruction and questioning
      • Study of formal and informal logic
      • Latin academic honors for grades 7-8

3. Our committed K-8 community

  • Students
    • Strive for excellence
    • Participate in a variety of school activities
  • Parents
    • Reinforce their children’s growth
      • Ensure students complete homework
      • Supplement students’ learning at home
    • Support Classical School’s work
      • Give back by volunteering
      • Maintain high level of respect for staff
  • Staff
    • Uphold Classical’s mission and curriculum
    • Support every student’s progress
    • Respect parents and each other