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Relevant in Today’s World

Classical School’s founders saw the benefit of coupling Latin instruction with classical education, and today our fourth through eighth grade students memorize Latin (and Greek) roots as a component of their studies.

Latin and English

Latin forms the basis for approximately 60% of the words in the English language. A student of Latin increases his or her aptitude for language study of any sort, building connections to other people, thoughts and nations. Latin develops students’ English vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.

Increase Logical Thinking

Many scholars of Latin also describe an increase in their ability to think logically. Additionally, studying Latin augments a deeper understanding of medical, mathematical, legal, and scientific terminology, and Latin is certainly the vehicle of choice in these professions.

A Higher Advantage

While not a reason in and of itself to study Latin, students who study Latin do better on college entrance exams and have an even higher advantage when coupled with Spanish studies. Below, as an example, are the results of the verbal portion of the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT):

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Latin 672 674 681 672 678 677 676 678
All Students 507 508 508 503 502 502 502 501
French 638 642 643 637 637 632 631 633
German 626 627 637 632 632 627 630 626
Spanish 575 575 573 577 574 565 557 561
Hebrew 628 630 620 623 622 611 619 612

Profound Reasoning

Perhaps more profound, is the following reasoning for the study of Latin found on a blackboard after a first Latin class with an 8th grade group in September 1998, at an unnamed school:

“Latin is the first subject we do in life entirely for its own sake. A degree at university in Classics leads to almost any job in the world. It gives one a disinterestedness in the study of any subject. Disinterestedness in NOT being uninterested. Quite the opposite: it is a love of studying without any practical result intended – and it gives the soul a peace, an inner control, a quiet joy beyond words.”

~Christopher Nicholson

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