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Message from AASD Leadership Concerning “13 Reasons Why”

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Recently, Netflix released a thirteen episode drama entitled “13 Reasons Why.” This drama tells the story of a high school student who details the thirteen reasons why she committed suicide. The last episode graphically portrays the student committing the act of suicide.

Please know that this message does not serve as a recommendation that any of our students should watch “13 Reasons Why.” However, we do know that there are students enrolled in the Appleton Area School District (AASD) who are currently watching this Netflix series in their leisure time.

Students who do watch “13 Reasons Why,” or hear about it, may need to appropriately process what they have seen or heard regarding this show. If you become aware that your child is watching, or has watched this show, there are resources available under our Parent tab to assist you with these conversations.

Building principals and/or school counselors are also available if you have concerns/questions.