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Allison Lauber de Garza

7th and 8th Grade Spanish and 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Middle School Newsletter

Allison Lauber de Garza (known as “Maestra” to her students) recently moved to Appleton from the Milwaukee area after having taught high school Spanish for the past 17 years.  She studied both Music and Spanish at Lawrence University and then moved to central Mexico to teach English to adults.  She met her husband, Genaro, in León Guanajuato, and they chose to return to the United States to get married in 2007.  Genaro and Allison have four children who now attend school within the Appleton Area School district: Logan (currently in 7th grade), Bethany (6th grade), Jocelyn and Nadia (3rd grade).  In her free time, Allison enjoys Latin Dancing socially, taking Ballet classes, and performing Musical Theater.  She is excited to be at Classical School!