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Classical School Directory

Kathy Diedrich

Student Support Specialist

I graduated from the University Wisconsin–Milwaukee with a degree in elementary education. Upon graduation, I taught 3rd grade in the Milwaukee Public Schools. The inner-city environment was challenging, but I so enjoyed working with kids who needed every bit of my skill and energy to help them succeed against many educational barriers. This experience grew me in my understanding of cultural diversity, poverty, and the barriers to gaining an equitable education. 

I moved back to the Fox Valley in 1994 to marry my husband and teach 4th grade in Little Chute. As our family began to grow, we made the decision for me to stay home with our children. Those years are priceless to me and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be home with them. I used those years to work on my master’s degree, furthering my knowledge of teaching pedagogy and gaining insight into the state of education in our country. 

Upon returning to the workforce, I have worked in both program and student support for Classical School.  I feel confident that our direct instruction practices and the Core Knowledge curriculum are key in providing students with a solid education from which they can grow as they pursue their educational goals. All three of our children graduated from Classical School!