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Robyn Hernandez Nagreen

Kindergarten Teacher
My Current Newsletter

I first became involved in the school after I read a newspaper article in June of 1998. I was looking for something different for my daughter than the traditional public school. I have many of my own ideas about how a child should be educated, and I was thrilled to find a group of people who shared the same basic ideas. I became involved immediately. I am very pleased that I am able to be involved with the school as a teacher.

I was born in Appleton and I have always lived here, other than attending college in Minneapolis. I am the youngest of many children. As a child I enjoyed sports and was an avid reader, but I never really connected with school. Because of a promise I made to my dad, I did decide to attend college. It was there that I found joy in education. My education professors took me under their wings and helped me to develop character and perseverance. They really stuck with me…especially through my student teaching. One of my assignments was to teach an inner city sixth grade class. It was also a language magnet school. This meant that when I taught the lesson was translated into three different languages at the same time. That was quite the experience.

My first teaching assignment was at Appleton Christian School. I taught 4th-6th grade classes there. I really enjoyed working there, but after my daughter was born, I made a job change to Little Rock Day Care. As the director I developed an academic preschool and kindergarten program. Because of a last-minute teacher resignation, I started teaching kindergarten until I could find a replacement. I found that I loved it.

I am now entering my 33rd year of teaching. My undergraduate education degree is from North Central University where I also majored in Biblical studies. Quite a few years ago I earned my Master’s Degree from Cardinal Stritch College. My degree is designed for teachers who want to stay in the classroom and strengthen classroom teaching skills. I focused on Direct Instruction and my thesis was on Direct Instruction reading success.

Any kindergartner will know very quickly that I love animals. Believe it or not, we have two cats and we had thirteen chickens. I have always loved kittens, but the chickens are a fairly new hobby that I thoroughly enjoy. We are taking a break from chickens for the winter, but we will be getting baby chicks in the Spring, so I am sure that is going to be big news in the classroom.

I am looking forward to the school year. I am always excited about teaching children to read and learn math. The Core Knowledge curriculum is fun to teach and enjoyable for the children to learn. I enjoy teaching the children through storytelling. I always enjoy visitors, so feel free to schedule a time and come on in. I love for others to observe what the children are learning so they can see that children this young have a genuine understanding of the core concepts in the curriculum.