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Classical School Directory

Sarah Roe

CCSA Board Member

I am excited for the opportunity to serve our school as part of the CCSA Board. I have served Classical School in many other capacities, including as the staff appreciation coordinator and as a member of the Fall Fest and Knowledge-A-Thon committees.

My husband Paul and I have 4 daughters, and for one year they will all be at Classical School at the same time! We have been at Classical School ever since our oldest daughter started kindergarten, and now she is in 8th grade. Classical School has been a good fit for our family, and I feel very thankful to live in a school district that has so many options for children and families.

I am a stay-at-home mom, and my husband, Paul, is an actuary at Humana. In our spare time we love to play outside with the kids and travel when we can. I’m sure I will see you around school!