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Classical School Directory

Terri Meisel

CCSA Board President

Appleton is a town that my husband Colin and I have called home since moving here in the fall of 2006 to begin our careers. Classical School has been an important part of our family since our daughter Taylor began kindergarten in 2013. We knew that Classical was the right choice for our family from the first time we entered the doors and began interacting with the teaching staff. Our son Owen began kindergarten in 2017.

Growing up in a small town in Central Wisconsin, I loved science all through middle school and high school. I attended Michigan Technological University and received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry. My career path took me to Kimberly Clark where I am currently a Senior Research and Engineering manager.  My team of engineers has accountability for developing and launching new consumer product innovations.

Over the years that my family has been a part of Classical, I have appreciated all of the hard work that the administrators, staff, and board members have dedicated to the school.  I greatly value the education that my children are receiving and know that this excellent foundational base will set them up for success in their future careers. I am honored to be a part of the Classical board and look forward to continuing my service to Classical.