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Classical School Directory

Thomas Bomann

920.997.1399 ext. 3380

Welcome to Mr. Bomann’s biography page!

I am so honored to be the principal of Classical School. Classical School and all of those who learn, teach and love our school have left indelible impressions upon my heart. I look forward to diligently serving as a leader among equals and continuing to make Classical School an incredibly illuminating educational institution.

I grew up in the Appleton area in the village of Black Creek. I enjoyed reading and writing in school. In second grade, my teacher allowed me to check out the “big kids” books because she saw my enthusiasm for reading. The elementary school in Black Creek was a K-8 school of approximately the same size as the Classical School. When I graduated from Seymour High School in 1988, I had known approximately 50 other students since kindergarten. I believe that sharing a common K-8 experience enhanced my life academically and socially. In high school, I was a National Honor Society member, Student Council member, trombone player, and chorus member.

The two teachers who I remember having the greatest positive impact on my life were my 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Audrey Thede, and my high school French teacher, Mr. Lowell Hoeft. The success I achieved in their classrooms was a direct result of their high standards and determination to constantly “raise the bar” of academic excellence.

I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received an undergraduate education degree in the field of special education-emotional disabilities. I taught in the Madison School District while I pursued and subsequently received a Master’s Degree in the area of learning disabilities. I completed my principal’s licensure in May of 2016.

My wife, Gwendolyn, and I decided to move closer to our families after the birth of our son, Blake, in April of 1998. I jumped at the opportunity to teach reading and spelling using Direct Instruction to an entire class as well as the content-rich curriculum of Core Knowledge. We are enjoying raising our children in the Appleton community and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be a teacher at the Classical School. Since we moved to Appleton in July of 1999, we have enjoyed meeting and developing relationships with many people in the Fox Valley area. Our second son, Forrest, was born in October of 2000. Our daughter, Evelyn, was born in 2006.

I am the youngest of four siblings. My two brothers, Michael and Brian, live in the Madison area. My sister, Robin, lives in DePere. We have quite a menagerie of animals at our house. We have two cats – Willow and Louie. Willow is a tabby and we’ve had her since last summer and Louie is a Siamese-mix that was born in April. Our Border Collie mix is named Skye and she is a handful – full of energy and quirky behaviors and our Australian Shepherd is named Jack – he is a steady dog and great companion; however, he truly hates fireworks.

I look forward a wonderful school year marked with academic excellence for all.