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Tim Broeckert

CCSA Board President

The mission and philosophy of Classical School have intrigued me since I first came across the school 4 years ago while researching schools for our children. Since our oldest child began in the fall of ’13, I have continued to learn more about what makes our school so successful and unique. I have always been eager to help serve the school in any way I could. I began my involvement on a parent advisory council and school expansion committee before becoming a board member. As board president, I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the excellence of Classical School relying on the principals and philosphy that have provided its strong foundation.

I originally moved to Appleton in 2000 to work in IT at Kimberly-Clark after obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems at UW-Eau Claire. I later followed my then fiance, Becky, to Madison where she pursued her medical degree. Upon completing her degree and training in the fall of 2013 we were excited to move our family back to Appleton where she accepted a position at Appleton Medical Center and I transitioned to a stay-at-home dad.

We have three children Noah (12), Isabella (10), and Alex (6). I recently took on a new challenge, flying, and obtained my private pilot’s license in the spring of ’17. I most enjoy taking family and friends up with me so they can share in the experience of my new hobby. As a family, we love family vacations both near and far that give us time to explore, relax, and create special memories that will last a lifetime. The young ages of our children ensures that we will be Classical parents for some time to come. We look forward to continuing to connect with other families that make our Classical community.