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My name is Norma Meidl, and I was born in Mexico City.  I have lived in Mexico, Germany, Spain, and the United States.  I am always asked which one is my favorite, and I honestly can say that I love them all.  Each country has its own richness and flavor, and I miss things from each one.  I speak English, Spanish, German, and basic French.

I have been living in Wisconsin 33 years now, and I have taught German and Spanish for the AASD for 32! In the past I taught 6th grade Spanish at Classical and absolutely loved it.

 I met my husband, Dr. Kevin Meidl, at West where I student taught.  He just retired and taught choral music for 37 years in the district.

We have 2 kids (young adults now).  Chris is 24 and Lauren is 22.  They both are in college.  We love to travel, watch sports, musical theater, and our two dogs Sadie and Nova.  We live in Neenah.