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Visiting Classical School

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See the Program in Action

Prospective parents and members of the community at large often ask if they may visit the classrooms at Classical School to see the program in action. Observations are through appointment. If you would like to arrange a classroom observation, please contact our Principal, Thomas Bomann, by calling the school at (920) 832-4968 or emailing him directly at Mr. Bomann will be happy to arrange an observation and/or tour of the school.

Visitor Guidelines

We welcome visitors into our classrooms, but to keep disruptions for the students to a minimum, we adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The teacher will provide a seat for you in a designated area. Please have a seat when entering the classroom. At the end of class, please check with the teacher for an appropriate time to have your questions answered during your visit. You may also stop in to see Mr. Bomann with any questions you might have.
  • To enable the children to follow the teacher directives, we ask visitors not to interact with the children who are working independently in the classroom. For example, if a child comes to you with a question while you are observing the classroom, please direct the child to the teacher or aide unless otherwise specified.